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Archive of Pain. Testimonies from the Red Terror of Romania. Videoinstallation
Curator: Tom Sandqvist
2000. IX.01 - X.01
Stefan Constantinescu
Cristi Puiu
Arina Stoenescu

"Archive of Pain" is a video installation with four video projections in flexible exhibition modules containing totally 12 interviews with former political prisoners in Communist Romania.

The project has been realised by the artist Stefan Constantinescu, graduated from the Bucharest Art Academy and the Royal Academy of Stockholm, living and working in Stockholm, by the movie director Cristi Puiu, graduated from the Ecole Superieure d´art Visuel in Geneve, living and working in Bucharest, and the designer Arina Stoenescu, graduated from the College of Design and Art in Stockholm, living and working in Stockholm.

Generally the project describes Soviet and Eastern European Communism in its capacity as a repressive ideological apparatus of power. Specifically the project gives an account of how the political prisoners were treated in Romania during the first decades of the Stalinist regime in the country. This is done in terms of a video installation containing four projections in four more or less closed modules in which former prisoners tell about their experiences: a strong both political and artistic statement.
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