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XII BALTIC TRIENNIAL: Guided tours for children
The guided tours will be held between 12 and 5pm Tuesday to Friday

We must learn how to observe because artworks are hard to notice — not unlike chameleons they change their appearance depending on our point of view. They cast shadows, they appear only after someone points a finger at them, or when we accidentally step on them amid the daily rush in a busy street. And they vanish immediately whenever we forget them, when we digest or exhale them… However, even after they have melted in our mouths they leave a trace of tiny habits, jokes, slips of the tongue, myths, and things that make sense only to us. Imperceptibly these artworks become rooted in our thoughts, germinating in our everyday lives and blooming in our worldviews — and we must learn how to observe them, otherwise we’ll end up lost in this thicket of art. During the XII Baltic Triennial we will embark on a hike through the dark woods of everything that an artwork may come to be. Our journey will begin with deciding upon our route, and after that our preparatory work will be followed by a warm-up. It is not only the perspectives that will change during the journey, we ourselves will turn into others: animals, household devices, huge mouths and video cameras. In order to stay on track, every watershed will be marked on a map that will serve as our bedding and, after we get back home, it could also be used as wallpaper, a painting or a window.

To book a date please email or call +37068265010.
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