Schools and teachers

The CAC offers a number of workshops (in Lithuanian) for school children who can participate along with their teachers. Most of them are currently happening remotely via the internet, and so they can be delivered in every corner of Lithuania. Sometimes the workshops are hosted by artists!

Since recently many of the activities have moved online, but occasionally some activities do take place at the CAC. Discussions, workshops and tours invite the participants to try out various forms of creativity and take a closer look at our everyday lives and our culture. The education projects are always related to the CAC’s exhibitions.

The CAC’s educational programmes are innovative, open to experimentation, and receptive to the cultural and social currents. Contemporary art and the various contexts that relate to it are used as a way of fostering creativity, imagination, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and a sense of community. Our education programmes are free for all schools. If you are an interested student, ask your teacher to book a workshop for your entire class. You can choose from our changing list of topics, and if you find it difficult to choose – do get in touch so we can advise you.