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Reading Room

The CAC Reading Room offers free access to the largest collection of publications on contemporary art in Lithuania. It is also a convenient place to work and meet, where lectures and other events – and sometimes even exhibitions – are organised.

The collection of CAC Reading Room’s publications includes art, architecture and design magazines, exhibition catalogues, artists’ monographs and their books, cultural theory and art history publications. Special collections of publications by art historian Alfonsas Andriuškevičius, collective Castillo/Corrales, writers Chris Kraus and Quinn Latimer, graphic designers Linda van Deursen and Gailė Pranckūnaitė, and others are also available here. All the publications here can be found using the online catalogue.

The history of the CAC Reading Room dates back to 1999, when the “Info Lab” was founded at CAC. “Info Lab” was famous for its availability of the latest books on contemporary art, architecture and design, which then were extremely scarce in Lithuanian libraries, international art magazines that were not subscribed elsewhere, and free Internet browsing. In 2006, Valdas Ozarinskas’s architectural project was implemented in the foyer of the CAC, which radically changed the image of the space, and three years later, the “Info Lab” collections moved to the spacious first-floor exhibition hall.

The interior designer Kotryna Gurskaitė has been entrusted with the interior design of the new space and has applied nature-friendly creative principles, combining details of the new space with those of the previous CAC Reading Room and bringing many of the interior touches back to life.

To arrange a meeting in the CAC Reading Room at a different time or for bookings, please contact [email protected] or call +370 607 58 236.

Visitor Information / Terms of Use:

  • The Reading Room is free for everyone to use, no registration is required.
  • All publications are intended for on-site use and are not available for home reading
  • To find the book you need, please consult the online catalogue or contact a member of the Reading Room staff
  • After reading, please leave the books on the table or return them to a staff member
  • Free wireless internet connection is available