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Thursday 5 July at 6 pm, CAC Reading Roomb]

"Risk" is performed by invited politicians and theorists according to the game scenario created by Albert Lamorisse in 1956.
"Risk" is an art project, which belongs to the exhibition "Lithuanian Art 2012".


Darius Mikšys


Auridas Gajauskas

Videograms: Karrabing Film Collective filmų programa
Skaitymai su Gerda Paliušyte: gotika ir afroamerikiečių kinas
Film programme by Kipras Dubauskas and invited artists
Suppressed Intensities: African American Protest Poetry Translation Workshop
Rasė ir popmuzika. Klausymosi sesija su Nombeko Auguste ir Karoliu Vyšniausku
Unfortunately, it’s a different world for you. Book launch and open discussion