Young Architecture Fund volunteers will share their impressions and experiences during their internships in architectural offices or organizations. The project "Socially active and competitive architects education" was initiated in 2012 and sought to give young and socially active architects international experience and exceptional skills in architecture, urban planning and theory.

May 29th, Wednesday, 7 pm

Ieva Saldauskaitė (Point Supreme Architects, EL), Sigita Simona Paplauskaitė (Active City Transformation, DK), Karolina Štreimikytė (Vora arquitectura, ES), Gintarė Šverytė (Leth & Gori), Emilja Juodytė (Ensembre Studio, Gonzalo Moure, ES)

June 13th, Thursday, 7 pm

Matas Šiupšinskas (Archis Foundation, NL), Urtė Rimšaitė (Archis Foundation NL), Ieva Cicėnaitė (STAR strategies + architecture, NL), Džiugas Kisielius (Feichtinger Architectes, FR)

For more information about the project and the experience of participants can be found on the blog leonardo@archfondas.

Converstaions by a glass of wine will be held in the CAC Reading Room.

The event is organized by the Architecture [news] Fund.

Mobility project ‘Socially active and competitive architects education’, No. LLP-LDV-PLM-2012-EN-0754 is executed with the support of the European Union under the Lifelong Learning Programme of Republic of Lithuania, managed by the Education Exchanges Support Foundation.