Baltic Triennial 13, the biggest and the most ambitious contemporary art exhibition in Vilnius, invites you to give up the ghost. After all, scientific achievements have long since replaced belief in magic and ghosts – or is there still some of it left?

The ghosts of our age are shapeless and odorless, they don’t disseminate intimidating sounds, but they lead us around by the nose with their invisible fingers, and we don’t even notice that. They are gently dictating our choices that are wrapped in the promise of freedom, but they already foresee them in advance. These ghosts are our wishes and expectations, preconceptions and silly opinions, greedy desires, and ill-founded fears. These ghosts are something that appears to be the most stable in our lives and that’s precisely why they are the least noticeable. By gently whispering and dictating us, they quietly take over the way we could be and transmute us into the way we "should" be.

So how could one give up these ghosts when they’re so intangible and they’re everywhere at the same time? It suffices to recognize them and point the finger at them! However, in order to point the finger at them, one ought to have renounced them beforehand…

Sure, you’ll say that such puzzles can make your head spin, so isn’t it better to simply shrug it off and continue living like before? Of course, but now you know that these ghosts do exist! And yet, the situation is not so desperate, because artworks might be of help here. They’re able to free your imagination from the things that are imposed by everyday life, let you take a look at yourself from a bird’s eye view, see the world the way you haven’t even dreamed of, and give up that captive "I" – give up the ghost, at least for a little while.

Contemporary Art Centre invites student and youth groups to join us for tours around the exhibition of the Baltic Triennial 13. In its course, we’ll let us lose ourselves in the labyrinth, designed by the architect Diogo Passarinho, try to identify the moments of our own lives in Sanya Kantarovsky’s paintings, meet bodies who are sacrificing household utensils for the god of gaiety who sits on the fountain, created by Anna Hulačova, try to perceive what kind of fabric it is that our unconscious is woven from by observing sculptures made by Daiga Grantina, imagine our culture as already extinct and rediscovered during archaeological excavation conducted by future civilization in a spatial landscape that glitters like gold, created by Dora Budor, discuss whether we can adopt an alien or not, learn how cities are born and die, and discover our personal, innermost myths!

Student and youth groups are welcome to sign up for exhibition tours and educational sessions. For more information and registration, call +37068265010 or contact us by e-mail [email protected].