Bendramoksliai (Lithuanian for ‘classmates, fellow students’, literally ‘co-learners, common learners’) is a new project organised by CAC’s Education and Community Engagement Department, bringing together artists and students. Drawing on the themes they explore and employing their diverse personal practices, contemporary artists have developed lesson programmes for students in grades 5–12, where different disciplines connect through the multifaceted prism of contemporary art. Here, students are invited to delve into bold explorations, to rethink the themes and everyday issues of the subjects taught at school, to engage in collaborative activities, and to discover a personal connection to art and culture. Depending on availability and the nature of a given lesson, the meetings take place in the artists’ studios, in school classrooms, or in locations chosen for the specific lesson in question. The project is planned to continue on a long-term basis by involving more basic educational institutions, collaborating with different artists, and developing inclusive lesson programmes. 

This year’s participating artists: Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė, Brigita Kasperaitė, Domas Noreika, Robertas Narkus, Žilvinas Landzbergas, Amilcar Rivera Munive, Andrej Polukord

This year’s participating educational institutions: Kaunas District Vandžiogala Gymnasium, Sintautai Secondary School, Lekėčiai Multifunctional Centre, Ylakiai Gymnasium, Žemaičių Kalvarijos Motiejus Valančius Gymnasium, Rukla Jonas Stanislauskas School-Multifunctional Centre, Vilnius Naujamiestis School