“One must be as wary of images as of words. Images and words are woven into discourses, networks of meanings. My path is to go in search of a buried meaning, to clear the debris that clog the images.”

Harun Farocki

Harun Farocki (1944-2014) was one of the most eminent and influential contemporary German artists and filmmakers. Since the beginning of his creative career in the 1960s, he created over 100 experimental and documentary films, video essays and video installations that are screened in cinemas as well as various art centres and galleries. Farocki’s sociopolitically engaged work explores the influence of technology and the specifics of image production and construction in the modern world.

International human rights documentary film festival "Inconvenient films" presents the first comprehensive retrospective of the German artist’s films in Lithuania, covering his works from the first rebellious films of the 60s to the most recent works that analyse media, forms of war representation and consumer society. The programme shown at the Contemporary Art Center consists of three feature films and four thematic short films. The retrospective will be opened by a lecture on Farocki’s work by writer, film critic and Farocki’s colleague Michael Baute.


10.10 Thursday
18:00 The opening of Harun Farocki’s film retrospective. The retrospective will be opened by a lecture on Faroki’s work by film critic Michael Baute (held in English) + film "Videograms of a Revolution" (1992, 106 min)

10.11 Friday
19:00 Prison Images (2000, 60 min).

10.12 Saturday
16:00 Programme "The Image in Question" (73 min).
18:45 Images of the World and the Inscription of War (1988, 75 min).

10.13 Sunday
16:00 Programme "Images of Violence" (108 min).
18:45 Programme "Technology of War" (101 min).

10.15 Tuesday
19:00 Programme "Strategies of Consumer Culture" (97 min)

10.16 Wednesday
19:00 "Videograms of a Revolution" (1992, 106 min)

10.17 Thursday
19:00 Programme "The Image in Question" (73 min)

10.18 Friday
19:00 Programme "Strategies of Consumer Culture" (97 min)

10.19 Saturday
16:00 Programme "Images of Violence" (108 min)
18:00 Prison Images (2000, 60 min) (2000, 60 min)

10.20 Sunday
16:00 Programme "Technology of War" (101 min.)
18:00 Images of the World and the Inscription of War (1988, 75 min)


Feature films
– Videograms of a Revolution (1992, 106 min.)
– Prison Images (2000, 60 min.)
– Images of the World and the Inscription of War (1988, 75 min.)

Short film programmes
– Programme "The Image in Question" (73 min.):
Respite (2007, 40 min.)
In-formation (2005, 16 min.)
The Silver and the Cross (2010, 17 min.)

– Programme "Images of Violence" (108 min.):
Inextinguishable Fire (1969, 25 min.)
Between Two Wars (1978, 83 min.)

– Programme "Technology of War" (101 min.):
Serious Games I: Watson is Down (2010, 8 min.)
Serious Games II: Three Dead (2010, 8 min.)
Serious Games III: Imersion (2010, 8 min.)
Serious Games IV: A Sun With No Shadow (2010, 20 min.)
War at Distance (2003, 58 min.)

– Programme "Strategies of Consumer Culture" (97 min.):
Creators of the Shoping Words (2001, 72 min.)
An Image (1983, 25 min.)

More information: www.nepatoguskinas.lt

Special thanks to Goethe’s Institute in Lithuania for supporting this programme.