As part of our initiative to allow writers and critics to meet for one-to-one sessions with editors and writers of culture and art publications, we would like to invite you to this year’s portfolio review sessions with Vaida Stepanovaite, Marius Burokas, and Anders Kreuger on the 28th May.

These meetings will be an opportunity to discuss your work and develop ideas for texts directly; these can be both complete and already published texts, as well as drafts or outlines – from exhibition reviews to the broader cultural commentaries. It is an opportunity to get external insight and comments and overcome the conundrums that sometimes arise when working on texts individually. Writers can also submit texts that they consider their better work, discuss the possibilities of publication, and simply get to know professionals working in the publishing field.  

The number of meetings is limited, please register by Sunday evening the 26th of May using this form.

More on the editors:

Anders Kreuger is a Swedish-born curator, writer, editor, and educator based in Helsinki, with over 25 years of international experience in the contemporary art field. He is the director of ‘Kohta,’ an artist-initiated private kunsthalle for Helsinki inaugurated in 2017. In 2010–19 he was Senior Curator at The Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (M HKA), and in 2012–2018, he was an editorial team member for the London-based art journal ‘Afterall.’ In 2007–2010 Kreuger was Director of the Malmö Art Academy, Lund University, Sweden, and at the same time Exhibitions Curator at Lunds Konsthall. From 1997–1999 he was the founding director of The Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA), in Helsinki. Recent exhibitions outside ‘Kohta’ include ‘Aslan Goisum: Prism’ (Lunds Konsthall, 2024) and ‘The Meeting That Never Was’ (MO Museum, Vilnius, 2022–2023, co-curated with Charles Esche and Gabrielė Radzevičiūtė).



Marius Burokas is a poet and translator. From 2016 to 2023, he worked as an editor of the English-language Lithuanian literary magazine ‘Vilnius Review’ and the website, and he is also one of the editors of the Baltic English-language literary magazine ‘No More Amber.’ His first book of poetry, ‘Ideogramos,’ was published by Vaga (1999). His second book of poetry ‘Būsenos’ was published by the Writers’ Union (2005). The third book, ‘Išmokau nebūti’, was published by Tyto Alba (2011). For the latter book, M. Burokas was awarded the Young Jotvingis Prize (2011) and the Antanas Miškinis Prize (2012). His fourth book of poetry, “švaraus būvimo”, was published in 2018. His collection of poems in English, ‘Now I Understand,’ was published by Parthian Books in the UK in 2018. A book of poems in Ukrainian, ‘Найменші речі,’ was also published in 2018. In 2021, his poetry collection in Polish, ‘Tu mieszkał Jonasz,’ was published.



Vaida Stepanovaitė is a researcher, organiser, curator, and writer. She also teaches in the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and is conducting practice-based PhD research. Until 2024, Stepanovaitė was the Editor-in-Chief of the digital magazine and the CEO of (which consists of the digital magazines and, the publishing of books on contemporary art, and the bookstore As the head of, together with the Contemporary Art Centre and the National Gallery of Art, she organised the first Lithuanian visual art criticism awards in 2023. Vaida is also a member of the initiative group of the Art Workers Trade Union in Lithuania. Recently, her research paper “Contradictory Infrastructures: Art Criticism and the Institutionalisation of Art” was presented at the 55th Congress of the International Association of Art Critics in Krakow, Poland.