21–22 May at the CAC Reading Room and CAC Cinema

Organiser: The Institute of Art Research of Vilnius Academy of Arts

The body is essentially related to time and space, to the “here and now” of its being; and the art is one of the ways to break free from these chains. Art has a power to render “then and there” into “here and now”: to revive past experiences and embody them in a present event, or to project the future. The ability to overcome time opens possibilities for diachronic research and allows one to interpret art and culture of the past through today’s perspective. Contemporary technologies enable us to transgress both time and space: new modes of being – “there and now” and “here and there” – invade our experience.

How representations and interpretations of the body have been changing throughout the history of art? What place in what time the body of the artist and that of the receiver occupy? To what extent, where and when the body is seen as public or private? How a physical body renders virtual? The manifold status of the body in/out of time and space gives cause for reflection of real and virtual “experiences”.

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