keyon gaskin (Portland, OR) prefers not to contextualize their art with their credentials. The particular performance that they will present at the Contemporary Art Centre will be announced during the event night. On the eve of the performance, Tuesday 17 December at 5pm, gaskin will present an artist talk at the Vilnius Academy of Arts – the event is free and open for all. Both events are part of the series Race Conversation organised by the Contemporary Art Centre.

“When you encounter NASHA, refuse language. Be present and patient with yourself. Instead of trying to explain the work, let the performance work on you. Allow it to build memories, real and imagined. Let it hum through you.” – d.a.carter

“I have been watching Get Out on repeat consistently for about a month now. What this practice has reaffirmed is how important it is to not be captured, symbolically and literally. How does one do this? … This work is a particular answer to the question, with its wealth of choices that are intentionally working against normative modes of entertainment.” – Angie Pittman

“Presented in May 2017 at New York’s Ludlow 38, this is for you. / you are a community. / this is my performance. / you are my material. / this is a prison. / leave when you want. began with an instructive prelude. The artist, dressed in black sweats and heels … moved among viewers clustered against the small gallery’s walls and rearranged them largely through gesture. … a tension between violence and care […] ran through the piece” – Dana Kopel

“This work [its not a thing] unsettles, undoes, asks what it means, looks like, feels like, to come undone, to see only fragments, to have little or no context.” – Litia Perta

Photography: art centre "VIVA" (Monreal) photographer Paul Litherland