The horrible angels sing,
Glory hole for those who ring,
The Wolfman commeth! So grab your things,
So hence the hysterical men will scream:

"Oh animal! Oh brute! Oh savagery!
How can our love be so imaginary?
With No Shirt No Shoes No Servitude,
Must we cope with this love’s attitude?
A trail of shed will wake his path,
While olfactory bliss takes from of a bath.
So take heed to him and hide your brats
And make sure you don’t forget the rats!
For fear of man turned animal debate,
If only we could guess his weight!
He who is him, is not only alone
For he walks a pathway all far too known
Desire turns lust and impurity as perfection
This figure is no product of natural selection!"

“The Asshole as the Origin of the World & Other Stories” is a performance by artist Alex Turgeon of work culminated over the course of his residency at Rupert. The performance will take place at the CAC Reading Room on Thursday 26 February at 6pm.

Alex Turgeon is a Canadian artist based in Berlin. He is also the founding editor of the literary arts e-journal General Fine Arts and Director of Creative Development at the digital publisher Version House. His work has been recently exhibited at TOVES, Copenhagen (DE), The Air BNB Pavilion, Venice & Motto Distribution, Berlin (all in 2014).