‘The Hyperlinks or it didn’t happen’ screening program borrows its title from Cecile B Evans’ video work of the same name. The screening aims to contextualize current discussions around the new techno-poetic paradigm that constitutes different ways of thinking, seeing, consuming and working in the economy of affect. How does “post-internet” art reflect on the issues of the body and its distribution?
Artists of today often take up the topics of the self-distribution and isolation. They speak about the utopian worlds and ‘real’ identities that are presented and molded within the fragile, fluc-tuating but at the same time stable and powerful identity platforms, gaming algorithms and 3D simulation software interfaces.

List of works in this programme:

Auto Italia (Kate Cooper, Marianne Forrest, Andrew Kerton and Jess Wiesner). My Skin Is At War With A World of Data (commissioned by Artissima), 14‘49“, 2012

Cecile B Evans. Hyperlinks or it didn’t happen, 22‘30“, 2014

Jaakko Pallasvuo & Anni Puolakka. Sacre, 21‘13“, 2015

Agnieszka Polska. I Am the Mouth, 5‘45“, 2014

Eoghan Ryan. This Fecund, 20‘25“, 2012

Daniel Shanken. Common Descent, 9‘20“, 2015

Viktor Timofeev. Proxyah v2 (Extended Two_Worlds Hans Zimmer Remix), 7‘8“, 2015

Amalia Ulman. Excellences and Perfections – Do You Follow? (ICA Offsite), 11‘25“, 2014

Total duration of the programme is 2 hours. Entrance is free.

More information:

BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ project kicks off with 4 events in March in Vilnius

The event series under the title BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ attempts to confront the themes of post-internet aesthetics and post-digital condition. The project refers to 89+, the platform by Hans Ulrich-Obrist and Simon Castets, for which so called “post-internet” producers were invited to reflect on the new sensibilities of art production in the digital age. The BCC pro-ject aims to discuss such questions as: is there a new paradigm in technologies that affects and constitutes the different way of thinking, seeing, consuming and working? How does “post-internet” art reflect on distribution and frame it? What is “post-internet” and what comes un-der its umbrella? Be it post-humanism, fragmentation, acceleration, disembodied life, post-institutionalism or other strands of thinking and producing, they still come together under one spell of the inevitable speed of distribution.

For the project phase in Vilnius BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ has designed a four-partite programme involving artists, curators and writers from Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, South-Korea and elsewhere. The programme has been prepared in collaboration with other institutions in Vilnius – Rupert, Contemporary Art Centre, National Gallery of Art and Vil-nius Academy of Arts. During the event on March 27 the online Reader of the project will be launched with contributions by Pakui Hardware, Rózsa Zita Farkas, Rory Rowan, Eoghan Ryan, Hannah Heilmann and Justė Kostikovaitė.

Blind Carbon Copy or shortly BCC is a curatorial platform led by curators Maija Rudovska (LV) and Justė Kostikovaitė (LT/UK) which presents occasional events across the Baltic and Nordic countries. The project BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ introduces an outcome of 2 years of meetings in Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and UK.