Thursday, October 18, 6 pm at CAC Cinema Hall, Vilnius

Viktorija Rybakova will introduce her research project on emotional intelligence. Through her observation of human anatomy, neurobiology and philosophy the artist will start with the question—What does it really mean to listen to your heart? In her research Rybakova wants to expand the notion of feelings, through observation of a human as an emotional and rational complexity.

Philosopher Danielle Macbeth in her lecture have said that Biology can explain, but not to justify how we can relate with each other. Therefore we help each other by talking about what it is to be one of us. We need to identify things as there is nothing given or fixed. As we become rational the world acquires the meaning.

Viktorija Rybakova is an independent artist, architect and researcher from Lithuania. Her research practice combines the academic and artistic fields, with her main focus being the human body and history. Rybakova is currently working on research in the field of neuroscience , the history of eroticism and decoding the languages we speak through a thorough exploration of the body tissues.

This lecture is a part of the Waiting for Another Coming finissage event program in Vilnius which will take place at CAC on Thursday, October 18, 2018, from 6 to 11 pm. The second episode of this exhibition will open on October 25, 2018 in Warsaw with the updated version of Viktorija Rybakova‘s installation.

Waiting for Another Coming is an exhibition in two episodes organised by the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius and Zamek Ujazdowski Contemporary Centre of Art in Warsaw.