The new exhibition of Dainius Liškevičius „Labyrinthus“ presents a complex project that integrates the forms of architecture, sculpture and installation, also the genres of personal collection and retrospective. The architectural construction that was conceived by the artist in the Main Hall of the CAC can be perceived both as a sculptural object and as a site-specific space for exhibition. Inside the square structure that is evenly divided into sixteen parts visitors can find art objects made from various things and photographs that have been collected by the artist over many years. This exposition develops new narratives derived from the introductory project The Projections of the Thirteenth Point (Artifex Gallery, 2013). Thus these artworks communicate with the previous works of the artist and create a possibility for new stories to be told.

All the images-objects located inside the architectural-sculptural structure are associatively grouped into particular visual and conceptual communities which are marked with titles. Each visitor of this labyrinth of meanings is entrusted to connect these images-objects into different narratives, where documentary fragments of personal and global (world) history merge together with fictional facts. „Labyrinthus“ is a practice of walking and watching, where the architecture of the exhibition and a special publication offer access to the routes of perception to the viewers.