Artists: Arturas Valiauga (LT), Andrew Phelps (AT), Hans-Christian Schink (DE)

Artist talk: 16:30
Opening ceremony: 17:00

Launched in 1999, ‘European Eyes on Japan/Japan Today’ takes European photographers to Japan to discover and document aspects of Japanese contemporary art that local photographers are inured to. In the last ten years, 45 European photographers have visited 30 prefectures of Japan and depicted it in its myriad guises. The project is scheduled to continue every year and to take photographers to one of Japan‘s 47 prefectures.

This is the eleventh project in the series and is a group exhibition of three photographers who visited Niigata prefecture. Arturas Valiauga (from Lithuania) focuses on everyday food shot in an expressionistic manner using specialised lenses, Andrew Phelps (an American who lives in Austria) documented people, landscapes, and dwellings, and Hans-Christian Schink (from Germany) took large-format silver gelatine images on long-time exposures to create ghostly landscapes.

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