AES+F group (T. Arzamasova & L. Evzovich & E. Svyatsky & V. Fridkes); Alexander Brodsky; Vladimir Dubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov; Lyudmila Gorlova; Vladislav Efimov & Aristarkh Chernyshev; Vadim Zakharov; Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid; Vladimir Kupryanov; Francisco Infante; Valery Koshlyakov; Igor Makarevich; Rauf Mamedov; Vyacheslav Mizin & Alexander Shaburov; Irina Nakhova; Anton Olshvang; Alexander Ponomarev; Olga Chernysheva; Sergei Shutov; Gor Chakhal; Dmitry Gutov & ‘Radek’; Alexander Konstantinov

CAC Vilnius and the National Centre of Contemporary Art /Moscow

Leonid Bazanov

Kestutis Kuizinas
This project was conceived as a generous presentation of what is happening on the Moscow art scene, a spectacle that showcases eye-catching and large-scale works by Moscow artists, a reflection of the most significant events of the Moscow art life in recent years. The artworks on show are either new or already deservedly well-known and popular. In the exhibition, authors of different generations are presented, whose works represent different tendencies in today‘s art. The idea is to offer a broad spectrum of important phenomena, techniques, methods, ideas and concepts.