Artists: Krzysztof Bednarski, Eriks Bozis, Attila Csorgo, Ivan Kafka, Vladimir Kuprijanov, Boris Mihailov, Goran Petercol, Edwin Rama, Jovan Sumkovski, Jaan Toomik, Gediminas Urbonas, Vytautas Zaltauskas

Curator: Raminta Jurenaite

The exhibition ‘Multilingual Landscapes’ was like a window opening to many different East and Central European landscapes and multilingual not only in the linguistic, but also in the visual and expressive respect. Works by the artists participating in this exhibition were their authors’ local commentaries on the time that they lived in by telling their personal stories. Experience and wisdom, truth and advice not necessarily constituted inseparable pairs.

And difficulties were quite often revealed from their tragicomic side – the experience of this side of life has always been particular to the lifestyle of this region and the most reliable means of survival. A many-faceted situation allowed the artists to search for different answers – it was a precondition of the appearance of suggestive works of art.

Twelve artists invited to the exhibition with their installations, objects, photographs and paintings created their own provocative and poetic models of ‘Multilingual Landscapes’.