A new project entitled ‘Parallel Progressions 3: etc.’ starts on 11 December 2002. From then on the cellar of the Contemporary Art Centre becomes an unpredictable space where the artworks of the youngest or the least known artists of Lithuania as well as untypical works of already famous ones appear, disappear, move to other places, change themselves and each other without any timetable. This migration of names, works and ideas is open to the variety of art fields, topics, genres, forms, expression or volume and functions as a stimulation of constant changes and manifold discussions. Experiments of display taking place during the whole project allow for a testing of different possibilities of the same artwork while its size, place in space, technical means of transmission, lighting, relation to neighbouring works or other features change. Freedom to change and vary creates many different exhibitions in the same exhibition and suggests always-new ways of talking and perceiving, involvement and ignoring, activity and passivity. The subtitle of the project ‘etc.’ declares continuity and variation, refuses to claim the constancy of signification and significance in general. The ‘etc.’ principal that unites artists and works into constantly open polylogue does not retouch the ambitions of separate participants and exhibits. This project aims to encourage the liberating, playful, flexible, reflexive model of participation in the artistic activity and its perceiving.