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Presentation of "Rupert" programme
Tuesday 14 February, 6pm at the CAC Reading Room

This is Rupert.

Rupert is a project-based, trans-disciplinary and para-academic educational program based in Vilnius and starting in June, 2012.

Rupert is a research and development program assisting young (up to 30 years old) Lithuanian citizens in realizing their projects and developing their creative careers internationally. It focuses on contemporary artistic and curatorial practices, innovative publishing, writing, design and management, yet it encourages inter-disciplinarity and does not base the selection on applicant’s academic or professional background.
So if you have an idea for a project, such as making or curating an art exhibition, writing a book or an essay, shooting a film, publishing a magazine, staging an event or designing an institution, etc., you should let us know. Rupert is the place where you can do some serious work on it and around it.

This is how it works: first, each participant is assigned a tutor, a leading international figure from a field relevant to the project, who provides the know-how and who oversees the development of the project throughout the year. Second, there is an intense schedule of events (trips, lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.) where all the participants collaborate and barter.

I do start with some sort of dark notion remotely related to what I am looking for, my mind, if it has set out boldly enough, and being pressed to complete what it has begun, shapes that muddled idea into a form of new-minted clarity, even while my talking progresses, with the result that my full thought, to my astonishment, is completed with the period. I mumble inarticulately, drawl out my conjunctions, use unnecessary oppositions, and avail myself of all other dilatory tricks to gain the time required for fabricating my idea in the workshop of Reason*.

This is how it begins: submit an application via by the 1 ST OF MARCH, 2012. In case you have any questions on the application or the program, do get in touch with Igne and Inesa (

It‘s mainly about getting things done.
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