DebunkEU: Defence against disinformation. 

Educational activity for 14 – 18 year-old students and adults


How confident do you feel when surfing the web? Can you tell the truth from a cleverly disguised lie? invites you to increase your defence against misleading and false content online, as well as to test your information literacy knowledge and gain new knowledge! We will start the event with a brief introduction to disinformation. Then, after familiarising ourselves with recurring concepts, we will become online trolls by creating false messages. Finally, with the help of the ‘Bad News Game’,  we will analyse the consequences of disinformation.


About is an independent research centre and non-governmental organisation that analyses disinformation and runs media literacy campaigns. researches the harmful and misleading online content in the Baltic States and Poland and collaborates with organisations in Northern Macedonia and the United States.


Activities will be in English.

These activities are intended for students and adults aged 14 –18

Duration: 90 minutes.

To register and get more information write to [email protected]