CAC and Radio Vilnius invite you to a one-day event exploring the environment through electricity. The event will take us to a future scenario, where humans, computing machines, and various hybrids share the space they inhabit. Senses are altered, and some are inextricably linked to computing devices. In this narrative, humans take responsibility to reshape social ties to avoid being controlled by corporations and machines.

Artists Mindaugas Gapševičius and Maria Safronova Wahlström’s new art project You and I, You and Me raises questions about the perception of the environment through electricity. During this participatory event, the audience will be invited to explore the environment by wearing jewellery, shoes, and headwear with integrated electronic interfaces.

Throughout the evening Radio Vilnius invites visitors to mingle in the withering Sapieha Palace surroundings with Pijus Džiugas Meižis, Kudirka and Simas Okas.

RADIO VILNIUS is a new independent community radio, filled with fresh shows, sounds and hosts. The station is quickly becoming the physical and virtual meeting point not only for artists, aspiring musicians or experienced producers but Vilnius residents and visitors alike. 


18:00 – 20:00 on the second floor of the Sapieha Palace
You and I, You and Me participatory event and art installation by Mindaugas Gapševičius and Maria Safronova Wahlström

Radio Vilnius presents: Sapieha Palace courtyard
18:00 Pijus Džiugas Meižis
20:00 Kudirka
22:00 Simas Okas

The participatory event You and I, You and Me has been conceived in preparation for a full-scale exhibition planned at Biorama in Brandenburg and a workshop at Ars Electronica, 2021.

MINDAUGAS GAPŠEVIČIUS questions machine creativity without presuming that humans are the sole creative force. MARIA SAFRONOVA WAHLSTRÖM is interested in social myths and works with themes including collective behaviour and linguistic practices that signal our social belonging. In 2021, Maria was an artist in residence at SODAS2123, organised and supported by Nordic Culture Fund and Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association in partnership with Institutio Media.

Organised as part of the Baltic Triennial 14 education and community engagement programme.