The workshop will take place on 16th of November, 4-6 pm., at the CAC Reading Room. Address: Aušros Vartų g. 5 / Pasažo skg.

Low gallery (Rīga), art space Editorial and CAC Reading Room (Vilnius) present a workshop with Katie Lenanton and Paola Jalili from Helsinki-based curatorial platform Feminist Culture House. The workshop will take place on 16th of November, 4-6 pm., at CAC Reading Room (Aušros Vartų g. 5 / Pasažo skg., Vilnius). 

Aimed at anyone interested in working with others, Feminist Culture House will talk about access riders, feminist agreement practices, and collaborating in the arts and cultural field, while also presenting the work they do around peer support, collective sharing, and community building. They will distribute a free interactive zine to guide freelancers in sharing needs and boundaries in collaborations. 

Feminist Culture House will also introduce the publication Una flor, A Flower, Kukka, written for their exhibition Flower, Strain, Kiln, Pigment previously presented in Titanik Galleria (Turku) and Low (Riga).  

Feminist Culture House is a Helsinki-based, non-profit curatorial platform that works with and for underrepresented artists. They work towards equitable futures and advancing feminist politics in the arts through providing learning opportunities for individuals and institutions. They focus on creating tools for change to advocate for fair working conditions, better representation, and more inclusive institutional structures. 

There will be time for conversation and sharing, so feel free to bring along a burning question for broader discussion. 

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