6th November, 6 pm at CAC cinema
Barry Doupé, Distracted Blueberry (2019), 273 min

DISTRACTED BLUEBERRY follows a performance art band through a series of poetic encounters.

Masculine tropes are undone to form a relationship between male sexuality and the human death drive. The body, violence and humour are positioned in the larger context of nothingness and somethingness, bridging a tension between externalized anxieties and the terrors of nature.

***Advisory: This film contains animated scenes of a graphic sexual and violent nature.


BARRY DOUPÉ (b. 1982 Victoria, BC, Canada) is a Vancouver-based artist primarily working with computer animation. His films use imagery and language derived from the subconscious; developed through writing exercises and automatic drawing. He often creates settings within which a characters’ self-expression or action is challenged and thwarted, resulting in comic, violent and poetic spectacles. His films have been screened throughout Canada and internationally including at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Anthology Film Archives (NY,NY), Lyon Contemporary Art Museum, Pleasure Dome (Toronto, Canada), MOCCA (Toronto, Canada), Whitechapel Gallery (London, UK), Centre Pompidou (Paris, France), the Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, Canada), and the Tate Modern (London, UK). His work also includes music, performances, sculptures, writing, and digitally-mediated images, and since 2003 he has been a member of The Lions collaborative drawing group with Tasha Brotherton, Matthew Brown, Collin Johanson, and James Whitman.