"Walk, hands, eyes (Vilnius)“ is a perceptive experience, weaving a relation between walking, seeing and touching, for one person at a time, lasting one hour, in the city.

An appointment is made between a performer and a spectator: a certain time and place, nothing more. When they meet a rule is set. The performer: “it’s a silent experience but if anything bothers you don’t hesitate to tell me. For now, I am going to ask you to close your eyes.” The couple starts to walk around. During their walk, the performer chooses focal points and orientates the spectator’s body in the right direction so he can perceive it. Aiming the spectator’s body, the performer says “open your eyes”. The opening time of the eyes corresponds to the opening of a camera shutter: long enough “for the picture to be taken” open, close will be the only words spoken during the walk.

Myriam Lefkowitz (born in 1980) is a performance artist. Based in Paris she’s the founder and the director of the Débribes Cie. She’s mainly developing chorographical projects questioning the relation between the perceptive body and the space in which this body is located. Since 2010, her research is focused on the Walk, hands, eyes (a city) project. She presented the piece in the 55th Venice Biennale (Lithuanian and Cyprus Pavillion), for Kunsteverein NY, for SPEAP (Master of experimentation in art and politics), etc. In 2011, she took part in the master of experimentation in Art and Politics (SPEAP, Science Po Paris) founded by Bruno Latour, which main purpose is to shift the representation and definition of current public issues. Since then she’s been working on different urban projects aiming to relate the sensorial and perceptive concern to the cities global urban policy. She’ll be part of the SPEAP teaching staff for the coming year.

"Walk, hands, eyes (Vilnius)“ is a project presented in the exhibition „Illusionists. On stage design and contemporary art“.

Spectators are welcome to register for the performance by email [email protected]