July 24th, Wednesday, CAC Reading Room

Queer Zine Fair

13:00 – 18.00
Zine Sale!

Riotmade with love (Germany)
Heavy Mental (Germany)
mačo pikču (Lithuania)
Bitch Please Distro (Australia)
Fanzine La Raya (Spain)
cdric-moasa (France)
Cheyenne NeckMonster (USA)
Brav_a (Germany)
Joaquina Garrote Gash (Spain)
Krypau (Lithuania)
Dr Charlotte Cooper (UK)
TheQueek (UK)
Crush&Create (Sweden)
Nancy, a queer zine (UK)
Fanzine La Raya (Spain)
and more!

Fanzines in Lithuania, by Domas Kunčinas

In XIX century Lithuanian alphabet and press were forbidden by Russians
for about 40 years. The situation formed a phenomenon – so called ‘book
runners’. Books and magazines were published abroad and then smuggled to
Lithuania. It was included into Unesco heritage list in 2004.

Do it yourself press was popular during the Soviet regime as well.
Majority of it was dedicated to politics, but there were lots of
literature and art re-printed.

In 1988-89 the first modern fanzines, dedicated to science fiction and
music were published. Usually produced on copy machines, circulation from
20 to 200 and distributed by mail. That was a start of a local fanzine
scene boom.

Domas Kunčinas was the co-publisher of Decibelai Offensive and Kablys fanzines, member of DIY music and culture collective dr.Green, and promoter of various events. He is currently a chief editor of e-magazine Ore.lt (www.ore.lt) and various sounds selector aka Direktorius.

Queer/Feminist Zines

This workshop offers you the possibility to get in touch with queer/feminist zines. We want to introduce you to the his_herstory of queer/feminist zines, analyze them in playful way and we want to encourage you to create your own one! And if you are interested in formats and folding of zines, we can show some tricks, too.
We have a focus on north-american and german queer/feminist zines, so it’s an option to discuss the similarities and differences of queer/feminist zines from Germany, North-America and Lithuania (or Baltic Countries) with you.

The workshop facilitators:
Katrin is a member of the of Zinefest Berlin organizer group (www.zinefestberlin.com) and runs the queer/feminist online zine distro: www.heavymentaldistro.org

Maria lives currently in Leipzig / Germany. She writes a zine called Momo, runs a blog (www.anothervisualdiary.wordpress.com) and helps to organize a queer:film:festival.

Sign up for the workshop—-> [email protected]