Geography poses the problem of setting a choreographic work in an exhibition space and is a score for four performers designed to take place within the spatial limitations of the place where it occurs. The performers are chosen from the country where the choreographic work is to be presented. The perimeter of the floor occupied by the performers’ movements determines the plan for building a structure (with the means and materials available in the space) that will contain the choreographic work.

The exhibition space in which the structure exists will remain open to visitors during usual visiting hours. The presence or absence of the performers inside follows a rhythm that is not made public, and is only perceptible through the use of sound and movement coming from within the structure.

Performers: Riikka Ihalainen, Giedrė Kalinauskienė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Austėja Vilkaitytė

Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet are associated since 1994 under the generic title les gens d’Uterpan ( Their work examines the norms that define exhibition and the live arts. By appearing in different frameworks that reveal the action of the body, or by adapting to them, they provoke the conditions for a new reflection on the different methods of representation, production and interpretation of performance.

Their pieces have been presented at the Project Arts Centre Dublin (Ireland), the Tate Modern London and the Institute of Contemporary Arts London (United Kingdom), the Kunsthalle Basel (Switzerland), the VI Cali performance Festival (Colombia), the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Poland), the Kunsthaus Graz – Museum Joanneum (Austria), the Berlin Biennale for contemporary art 2008 and 2010 (Germany), the Nam June Paik Art Center Seoul (Korea), White Box New York (USA), Space 18-Bund 18 in Shanghai (China), Contemporary Art Museum of Zagreb (Croatia) among other places.

Opening: Friday, 14 September, 18:00

Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
Contemporary Art Center, Brétigny-sur-Orge

Cultural partners:
Regional Cultural Affairs Office of Ile-de-France – French Ministry of Culture and Communication – Grant for a project 2012
Institut Français de Lituanie

UAB Maisons Futaie
UAB Puantas

Photos: Ieva Budzeikaitė, Robertas Narkus, Mikas Žukauskas