Emission 2006: Donatas Jankauskas
video installation, LED screens, CAC roof

Donatas Jankauskas continues the remixology of M.K.Ciurlionio’s oeuvre. In his first Retrospective in CAC in 1999 Jankauskas reinterpreted Ciurlionio’s musical pieces and reproductions of paintings. In the reproductions he was able to see more than any of Ciurlionio’s fans had before. For example, in symbolically idealistic and oriental esoteric paintings of Ciurlionio’s Jankauskas exposed hidden monkeys. In this manner aremixed album of Ciurlionio became Marciulionos alluding to the famous Lithuanian basketball player.
In this exhibition monkeys don’t hide. On the contrary, they became the main heroes of Jankauskas’ new video pieces since their escape from Ciurlionio’s paintings to the Vilnius skyline and further.

Emission 2006: Redas Dirzys
‘Commemoration of “Don‘t Take Lithuania‘s name in Vain”, or Vilnius, a European Capital of Culture’

In 2009 Vilnius will become a European capital of culture. It will share this title with Linz, a city in Northern Austria. The main stimulus initiating this important phenomenon has been the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the first recorded mention of the name Lithuania. Lithuania was first mentioned in written sources in 1009 – local savages in these lands decapitated the bishop and monk St. Bruno, who ‘immediately went to heaven along with 18 others of his lot’. The exhibition will be dedicated to different ways of commemorating the name of Lithuania. It will be one of the first exhibitions of this kind, anticipating the commemoration of 1000th anniversary of Lithuania and popularising the image of Vilnius as a European capital of culture.
The exhibition does not have anything in common with art – it is a civil and political gesture.

Emission 2006: Valdas Ozarinskas
Valdas Ozarinskas presents an architectural based project encompassing a redesign of the CAC lobby space.

‘Emission 2006’: Paulina Egle Pukyte
Girl with Pears