September 17, 2011
One Day Only

A long time ago a friend had this idea of spending an evening by going to the intermissions of all the theatre plays that would be shown in the city that night. You would go from one intermission to another, spending time in the halls, corridors and theatre cafés as if it were a stage, mingling with the audience in one theatre and then moving on to another. The CAC’s presentation in Riga will be a little similar to this journey: the audience is invited to a collected intermission of a number of things most of which will happen (or will have already happened) someplace else, to someone else, who will also be there.

Where? Café Cadets de Gascogne, Kr. Barona Str. 52, Riga

Artists: Gediminas G. Akstinas, Chiara Fumai, Auridas Gajauskas, Antanas Gerlikas, Goldin+Senneby, Laura Kaminskaitė, Karl Larsson, Monika Lipchitz, Miegalius, Olof Olsson, Marija Olšauskaitė, Gerda Paliušytė, Jurgis Paškevičius, The Oceans Academy of Arts.

The project has been carried out within the framework of Survival Kit. Art linking society, knowledge and activism and with the support of the Culture 2007–2013 programme of the European Union. The Survival Kit festival is organised by the Latvian Contemporary Art Centre. The cafe Cadets de Gascogne was used by kind permission from Bernard Larané. Special thanks to The Latvian National Opera, The National Theatre, The New Riga Theatre and Dailes Theatre for their collaboration – namely, to Lolita Grāvīte, Laura Leimane, Elga Skane, Andra Rutkēvica and Inga Vasiļjeva. Antanas Gerlikas in addition would like to thank The Latvian National Museum of Art and Romans Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova Museum (especially Mara Lace, Iveta Derkusova and Baiba Vanaga), Eitvydas Doškus, Super 8 Picnic in a Hand, Vilius Mačiulskis, Gintautas Trimakas and Inese Bobkova. Thanks to Egija Inzule, Zane Onckule, Raimundas Malašauskas, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Kaspars Groševs, Lāsma Ēķe and Algimantas Muzikevičius for their help and making the connections.


Illustration above: The Latvian National Museum of Art during the shooting of Antanas Gerlikas’s A Walk (photograph by Gediminas G. Akstinas)

Photographs in the gallery below (by Rasa Juškevičiūtė):

A Day Long Interlude by Marija Olšauskaitė (with Mārcis Miķelsons, Austris Apenis, Māris Evelons, Mikus Runka, Krišjānis Rērihs and Kārlis Rērihs)

Francis Ponge by The Oceans Academy of Arts, fragment

Once I Met a Collector by Monika Lipchitz, fragment

Instruction N. 12. An Astral Performative Act of Imaginary Characters vs. Real Artworks, This Time Exceptionally Presented to the Population of the Physical Plan with an Introduction by the Artist by Chiara Fumai (with Annie Jones, Ruta Junevičiūtė, Monika Lipchitz, The Anonymous Opium Addict and a piece by Cesare Pietroiusti)

An Exhibition Nurturing Several Interests at the Same Time and/or Six Characters in Search of a Spectator by Karl Larsson, fragment

Cabinet noir by Gediminas G. Akstinas, Gerda Paliušytė, Jurgis Paškevičius (fragment)

The poster of Red Alert! A Talk Show on the Brink of Disaster by Olof Olsson

The Sacral Element of Reading by Auridas Gajauskas (with Rytis Saladžius), fragment

Untitled (Four Walls and an Exhibition) and Sugar Entertainment by Laura Kaminskaitė