Exhibition opening: Friday 2 December at 6pm

The title of this exhibition comes from the English translation of the Latin word forensis. Forensic science is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to a legal system. In other words, the collected efforts, tools and structures used to clarify an obscure case.

a room with windows
opens up to reveal the interior structure
of a place where law
has become part of the furniture


what is the first sculpture
it is the anti-book
what is the first book
it is time turned into volume

sealed by the Roman alphabet
writing starts with an assumption
for once, time is just not passing
but channeled through a discursive form
like an evocation

and after this, a shattered moment
unbearable to deal with,
the shame of one
who has tried
to occupy more space
than that of his own body
are there ways out of this
small suicide
by fragmentization

from “Parrot” by Karl Larsson, Paraguay Press, 2010

Image: Karl Larsson. Blushing carpet. 2011. Photo: Juho Nikkilä

This exhibition is part of the project Survival Kit realised with the support of the programme “Culture 2007–2013” of the European Union.
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