Curator: Catherine Hemelryk

Oliver van den Berg,
Stefanie Bühler,
Peggy Buth,
Filipa César,
Heike Gallmeier,
Franz Höfner & Harry Sachs,
Stephan Kaluza,
David Keating,
Peter K. Koch,
Carina Randløv,
Matthias Reinmuth,
J&K (Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard),
Romana Schmalisch,
Jorinde Voigt,
Bettina Weiß

‘I’ve been travelling for nearly twenty-eight years, seeking new places, or finding new ways to navigate old haunts. My journeys have taken me through prehistoric petrified plains to defunct laboratories touching the stars, from the edges of archipelagos to visions of urban futros. On occasions I have sought travelling companions, sometimes circumstance has thrown myself and others together, but my journal comes from one place, a constant, it is my record of my realm of experience.’
Katie Jane, November 2006

Collected here for the first time are excerpts from the legendary traveller Katie Jane’s eponymous travel journal. Inscribed on the first page of the anthology is a dedication and thank you from Katie Jane to Italo Calvino and Marco Polo. From 17/11/2006–07/01/2007, a copy of this volume of the travel journal will be given to each visitor to the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, as they discover the work of sixteen young artists currently involved in the Berlin art world. The artists’ work ranges from the epic and fantastical, to those considering the politicised reverberations of exploration, from abstracted moments of adventure, to actions and events that activate the space and play with a real-time element of journeying and journaling.

The tales begin with Stefanie Bühler’s windswept blackened Farn and continue through technicolour bubblegum menacing landscapes by Bettina Weiß, and take a series of turns and passages through the post-colonial work of Peggy Buth, David Keating’s Global Village Idiot, Stephan Kaluza’s portrait of the Rhein, photographic evidence of the cult of the Golden Dolphin by J&K (Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard), a captured moment Aura by Filipa César, Matthias Reinmuth’s extracted countryside, Romana Schmalisch’s film Der Berg and an internalising star projector by Oliver van den Berg.

New works created specifically for the exhibition include bee havens and hidden parallel worlds by Franz Höfner & Harry Sachs, a perspectival adventure by Heike Gallmeier, globular balloon planets by Carina Randløv, an explosive wall piece by Peter K. Koch and a reflection of the kissing between Berlin and Vilnius by Jorinde Voigt.

Part way through the journey’s duration, there will be time for rest and reflection, nourishment and discourse with UNWETTER in a discursive picnic. Satellite Picnics will be in collaboration with CAC TV. All welcome. Meeting point will be the foyer of the CAC, Sunday 26 November at 14:00.