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Erik Thys. Portraits

The reputation of Erik Thys (b. 1961) rests on his work as a psychiatrist, not as an artist. Thys lives in Brussels where he composes music, draws, and practices in two psychiatric hospitals. On the occasion of this book, Thys invited a colleague, the British psychoanalyst Darian Leader, to reflect on his infatuation with automobiles.

The drawings in this book are a small, almost pitiful, portion of the number Erik Thys provided. They came to us on all types of office paper, prescription pads, and whatever else was at hand.

This is on of the publications published as part of the XII Baltic Triennial.


Anthony Huberman, Scott Ponik, Robert Snowden

Darian Leader

Graphic design:
Scott Ponik

Publishers: Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, and Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, 2016
ISBN 978-9986-957-70-6
Language: English
272 pages, black and white illustrations