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Liam Gillick. Workplace Aesthetics Might not be Enough

This publication was published as part of Liam Gillick’s solo exhibition ‘The Light is no Brighter at the Centre’ at the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius. The text was originally written for the project ‘Superhumanity’ by e-flux Architecture at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial that took place in 2016. Somehow reminiscent of the great science fiction writers of the 19th and 20th centuries, the dystopian narrative opens a wider horizon on half-abandoned, half-experimental factories, on dissolving distinctions between free and labour time, useful and vain modes of late capitalism production.


Liam Gillick

Graphic design:
Vytautas Volbekas

Publisher: Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
ISBN 978-9986-957-75-1
Language: English
16 pages, no illustrations