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An Ode to Me and My Unborn Children

“An Ode to Me and My Unborn Children“ is an artist book, a durational artwork that is a collection of drawings, scans, photographs and poems, that were collected during a six-month period. This book tells a narrative story which is presented as a young woman’s open confession bringing up themes of paranoia, sexuality, worry and hedonism. A sense of mutual manipulation of a romantic relationship is evoked through the poems that are reminiscent to obsessive repetitive thoughts. These thoughts wander between joy, egoism, fear and regret, following self-conviction and denial. These themes are shown through irony and a parody of self-pity and self-implied drama.

The book contains scans of original notes from the doctor’s office and medical laboratories, women’s contraception package inserts, scanned pieces of clothing, flowers, acid-burnt hair – an allusion to the Crime of Passion, which is committed against a romantic partner and is caused by an impulse or due to jealousy.

“An Ode to Me and My Unborn Children“ raises awareness of manipulative behavior and physicality, psychological violence between oneself and another and invites to rethink what is considered to be love within ourselves, and the society.