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ARS22. Living Encounters

ARS22 is the tenth edition in the series of major international contemporary art exhibitions originally launched in 1961 in Helsinki. Extending to all floors of the Kiasma building, it is a comprehensive view of the latest trends in international contemporary art.

“ARS22 designs a choreography of gestures and positions that in their specificity and as a whole offer alternative paths to present-day detachment, disenchantment, isolation, and hopelessness, making visible the mutually dependent dynamics between individual and collective imaginaries both in their continuities and in their ruptures. ARS22 Living Encounters is a gathering that celebrates the intimate, multiple, shared, and dynamic constitution of life on the planet while projecting dreams, doubts, and hopes into the future.” —João Laia

Featuring compelling essays and a richly illustrated section dedicated to the fifty-five artists in the exhibition, this catalogue guides the reader through the inspiring plurality of narratives that shape ARS22 Living Encounters.