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Just what is it that made today’s Berlin so different, so appealing? Starship – The Early Years: 1998-2001. Starship. 2009. LIAE023
Abbott, Edwin A.
Flatland. Oxford University Press. 2008. LIAB003
Andriuškevičius, Alfonsas.
Rašymas dūmais. Apostrofa. 2004. LIAN006
Andriuškevičius, Alfonsas.
Vėlyvieji tekstai. Apostrofa. 2010. LIAN002
Anton, Saul.
Warhol’s Dream. Les presses du reel. 2007. LIAN007
Anušauskaitė, Miglė; Jord, Gerda.
10 Litų. Grafinė novelė. Aukso žuvys. 2014. LIAN076
Ballard, J. G
Cocaine Nights  London; New York; Toronto; Sydney: Harper Parennial, 2006. LIBA141
Balso, Judith.
Affirmation of Poetry.  Univocal. 2011. LIBA095
Bernadette Corporation.
Eine Pinot Grigio, Bitte. Sternberg Press. 2007. LIBE063
Bibby, Gerry.
The Drumhead. Sternberg Press. 2014. LIBI086
Blanchot, Maurice.
Thomas the Obscure.  Station Hill Press. 1998. LIBL054
Bryson, Fiona; Cytter, Keren (eds.)
Fear of Language. Stenberg Press. 2014. LIBR059
Carroll, Lewis.
Alice’s Adventures in Woderland. Penguin Group. 2012. LICA089
Cecchetti, Alex.
A Society that Breathes Once a Year. Book Works. 2012. LICE066
Christle, Heather.
Heather Christle. Fivehundred places. 2013. LICH033
Conrad, CA.
CA Conrad. Fivehundred places. 2015. LICO078
Conrad, CA.
Ecodeviance (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness. Wave Books. 2014. LICO083
Conrad, CA.
The Book of Frank. Wave Books. 2010. LICO084
Critchley, Simon.
Memory Theater. Fitzcarraldo Editions. 2014. LICR068
Cveigas, Štefanas.
Erazmo Roterdamiečio triumfas ir tragedija. Vyturys. 1990. LICV046
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Skirkite 1,2% GPM paramą ŠMC
A performance "Within Must Not Be Underestimated"
Head With Many Thoughts: Video Programme
Performance by Marianna Maruyama. Permissions, a.k.a. Loving with Both Hands
Curatorial Talk “Post-Research Turn” by Henk Slager
Art and Education: a Shared Action. A Conversation with Cecilia Guida