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Backstrom, Miriam.
Miriam Backstrom.   NIFCA 1999. MBA010
Bacon, Francis.
Francis Bacon. Centre George Pompidou. 1996. MBA011
Bailey, Dave Hullfish.
What’s Left.  Sternberg Press, Berlin; Casco, Utrecht. 2009. MBA548
Baldessari, John.
Pure Beauty.  TATE Modern, London.  2009. MBA552
Morgan, Jessica; Jones, Leslie, eds. With contributions by Marie De Brugerolle, Bice Curiger, Douglas Eklund, Russell Ferguson, Rainer Fuchs, Tim Griffin, Friedrich Meschede, David Salle, John C. Welchman.
Baldessari, John.
John Baldessari.  The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.  1990. MBA012
Baldessari, John.
This Not That Cornerhouse, Manchester.  1995. MBA013
Balka, Miroslaw.
Topography. Modern Art Oxford.  2009. MBA586
Balka, Miroslaw.
Die Rampe.  Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz.  1994. MBA563
Baltos Kandys.  2009. MBA526
Bałdyga, Janusz.
Miejsza znaczone – Marked Places.  Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw.  2008. MBA505
Languages: Polish, English
Baquie, Richard.
952-1996 Retrospective Musees de Marseille, capcMusee d’art contemporain de Bordeaux.  1997. MBA014
Barateiro, Pedro.
Theatre of Hunters.  Kunsthalle. Basel.  2011. MBA799
Barba, Rosa. Printed Cinema #1 (Broadcasting from Home) & #2 (Parachutable Obstacles). Argos Editions, Brussels 2004. MBA572
Barba, Rosa.
Time as Perspetive. Hatje Cantz Verlag.  2013. MBA894
Barbier, Gilles.
Gilles Barbier. MAC, Galeries contemporaines des Musees de Marseille.  2001. MBA015
Bareikis, Aidas.
Straight to the Top, I’ll Take.. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Koln.  2005. MBA016
Barikin, Amelia.
Parallel Presents: The Art of Pierre Huyghe. MIT Press. 2012. MHU1130
Barney, Matthew.
Pace Car for the Hubris Pill Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam. 1995. MBA017
Barney, Matthew.
Prayer Sheet with the Wound and the Nail.  Laurenz Foundation; Schaulager Basel.  2010. MBA701
Barry, Robert.
Real...Personal BSI Art Collection.  2005. MBA018
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Curatorial Talk “Post-Research Turn” by Henk Slager
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