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Date: 2009.V.19 -
Vieta skaitymams ir susitikimams. Darbo laikas: pirmadienis – penktadienis, 12.00 – 19.00 val. Įėjimas nemokamas. Sekite renginių kalendorių.
Date: Ongoing
Open Tuesday–Saturday, 12.00-19.00. Free admission & wireless internet. Read further to reach the online catalogue of publications stored at the CAC Reading Room.
Date: 2009.XII.08 - 2010.I.10
The CAC Reading Room continues its One Book Exhibition series that features a different unique artist’s book every few weeks. The series begins with Lithuanian titles.
Date: 2009.XI.20
'Three Uses of the Knife' is a series of bi-weekly meetings with experienced writers, editors, critics and thinkers.
Date: 2009.XI.11
At VILNIUS COOP exhibition venue, Gediminas Ave. 27
Date: 2009. IX. 25 - XI. 22
You are cordially invited to the guided tours in the main exhibition of 'Urban Stories' at the CAC 'Black Swans, True Tales and Private Truths' twice daily: on Tuesdays – Saturdays at 1.00 pm and 6.00 pm
Date: Every Thursday from October 2 to November 19, 2009
Thursday group trips to Vilnius’ Soviet type canteens are part of an art and research project by Indrė Klimaitė and Isabella Rozendaal for the Tenth Baltic Triennial of International Art. All trips start at noon at Gedimino Ave. 27.
Date: 2009.XI.06
'Three Uses of the Knife'. International workshop on art writing and criticism. Day 3 Auditorium of the National Gallery (Konstitucijos Ave. 22)
Date: XI. 04
Oksana Zaporozhets. Soviet ‘Obschepit’: from ideologically regulated public places to ideology for sale
Date: Wednesday, October 14, 7 p. m. Vilnius COOP project venue, Gedimino ave. 27, Vilnius
The 10th-Anniversary Stadium was built in 1955 from the rubble of war and preserved Communism’s good name for forty years. In the early 1990s it fell into ruin, being ‘revived’ by Vietnamese and Russian traders.
Date: Every second Friday from 9 October to 20 November, 2009
Speakers: Ellie Levenson, Simon Rees, Jan Verwoert, Vivian Rehberg, Anders Kreuger, Will Holder, Talal Toufic, Maria Fusco, Alfonsas Andriuškevičius, Gintautas Mažeikis, Artūras Tereškinas, Audronė Žukauskaitė. Organisers:, Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Information Centre of the
Date: 2009 09 15 - 18, 18:00
Ray Lee (UK) Sound and Wonder or the Wild Dance of the Stereocilia Date: September 15, 18:00 Place: Contemporary Art Centre (Vokieciu str. 2, Vilnius) Exploring the intersection of art, science and philosophy Ray Lee presents a personal view of sound art, drawing on examples from his own practice
Date: Wednesday 9 September, 7pm
The Contemporary Art Centre is pleased to launch the public lecture and screening series accompanying the VILNIUS COOP project within the frame of the X Baltic Triennial of International Art. The series of events will be presented at 7pm each Wednesday from September 9 until November 19 at the CAC Reading
Date: Thursday 10 September, 6 pm, CAC Reading Room
Joanne Richardson will present 2 recent videos - [i]In Transit[/i] (30 min, 2008) and [i]Letter from Moldova[/i] (28 min, 2009) - and discuss some of the questions raised by them, focusing in particular on the difference between political art (art that represents a political struggle) and making art
Date: 2009.VII.17 --
The CAC Reading Room presents One Book Exhibition series that every few weeks will feature a different unique artist’s book. The series begins with Lithuanian titles.

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Skaitymai su Gerda Paliušyte: gotika ir afroamerikiečių kinas
Film programme by Kipras Dubauskas and invited artists
Suppressed Intensities: African American Protest Poetry Translation Workshop
Rasė ir popmuzika. Klausymosi sesija su Nombeko Auguste ir Karoliu Vyšniausku
Unfortunately, it’s a different world for you. Book launch and open discussion
Baltic Triennial 14: Intro | The Maze and The Lighthouse