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Sam Ishii-Gonazales lectures at CAC Cinema June 11-14

Sam Ishii-Gonazales lectures at CAC Cinema June 11-14

June 11th

Nathaniel Dorsky in Context: Modern Cinema and the Re-Discovery of Time

This lecture will focus on the re-discovery of time in modern cinema as exemplified in the works of Michelangelo Antonioni, Andrei Tarkovsky and others. A dialogue will be established between Tarkovsky’s Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema and Nathaniel Dorsky’s Devotional Cinema in order to show how modern filmmakers engage with time at a number of levels: not just the time of the narrative (as in mainstream film), but the time of the image and the time of the spectator. Following Marcel Proust we can say, that in these new forms of cinema time is regained.


June 12th

Nathaniel Dorsky in Context: American Avant-Garde Art and Its Legacy on Contemporary Film Practice

This lecture will consider the influence of avant-garde practices in American art of the fifties and sixties (from John Cage to Andy Warhol) on the work of Dorsky and a number of his contemporaries, including James Benning and Peter Hutton. Emphasis will be placed on the durational aspect of cinematic spectatorship; the event of cinema relocated from the screen to the viewer, or between the screen and viewer. It is this reorientation that necessitates us to experience such works in an auditorium space which privileges contemplation and solitude, where we can rediscover both the world and our material/spiritual place within it.    


About the lecturer:

Sam Ishii-Gonzales, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor in the School of Media Studies at The New School, New York City, where he teaches courses on aesthetics, media theory and film production. He is the co-editor of two books on Alfred Hitchcock and has published essays on a variety of artists and philosophers, including Francis Bacon, Henri Bergson, Claire Denis, Gilles Deleuze, David Lynch and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. His writings have been translated into Hungarian and Italian. He is currently working on two book projects (Being and Immanence: Towards a Cinema of the Non-Actor and La Caméra-Stylo Today) and a number of short experimental films. In fall 2012, he was invited to give a three-day lecture series on Forms of Cinema at the Museo Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca in Mexico. He has also presented his work at numerous universities and art institutions across the United States, as well as Canada, the Netherlands and the UK. 



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