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Inconvenient Films:Solitary Land

Tierra Sola

Director: Tiziana Panizza

Chile, 2017, 104 min., G, Spanish, Rapanui and English languages with Lithuanian and English subtitles

Producers: Macarena Fernandez, Silva Soledad
Cinematographer: Tiziana Panizza
Editor: Tiziana Panizza

Easter Island is the second-most remote island from a continent in the world. Located in the Pacific Ocean 3,601 km away from Chile, it was exploited by European colonisers from the 18th century onwards, visited by archaeologists, anthropologists and tourists attracted by the moai, the large tuff statues. By mixing images from every kind of source with her own images, Tiziana Panizza tells about past and present of this island’s inhabitants.

Visions du Réel, 2017



2017.X.14 19:00
Šiuolaikinio meno centro edukacinė programa rugsėjo – spalio mėnesiais
Typing the Future: A Film Programme curated by director Jurga Zabukaitė
Spaudos diena ŠMC: naujos rudens sezono parodos
Žilvinas Landzbergas participates in the 33rd Bienal de São Paul
Picturing Grim Reality: Reverse Engineering Machine Vision A Lecture by Luke Skrebowski
Special screening of Simon Dybbroe Møller’s Anachronism Trilogy introduced by curator Post Brothers