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Retrospective of  Knut Åsdam „Egress“

Retrospective of Knut Åsdam „Egress“

On Friday, November 22, CAC cinema hall will host the opening of „Egress“ – a retrospective review of Knut Åsdam‘s works, embracing a program of his movies and video performances. The artist will meet the audience and open his retrospective review by presenting his newest movie „Egress“ (2013, 41 minutes), whose action takes place in a petrol station in the outskirts of Oslo. Its main characters are working in the lowest positions of an oil company hierarchy, submerged in psychologically exhausting daily labour. The movie reveals the relationship between control and independence, as well as the reality of labour and social class. The film is a poetic narration about socially unsafe city outskirts and the psychological price of the everyday – its wrong side, existing somewhere just above the bottom line of the giant oil industry that ensures Norway‘s stability.

Knut Åsdam‘s creative work is characterized by a critical look at the social system and a person‘s tendency to internalize his or her surroundings by turning it into „a matter of course“. His movies show a disclosure of ideology-driven daily life and his quest for the new cinematic language by deconstructing the ordinary canons of cinema perception. The artist has been creating his own original form of cinema, where he applies close attention to the perception of space and location, typical of visual arts. His movies often cover the continual topic of city by raising questions how architecture and public spaces influence the social structure, people‘s relationships and the perception of one‘s own identity. How do we feel in our surrounding space, and how do we relate ourselves to it? What are the ways in which political and economical shifts reflecting in the city make an impact on our daily living? By raising those questions, Knut Åsdam seems to offer a possibility of egress as a critical distance from the „matter of course“. He analyses architecture, but also language as the processes of constructing meanings and communication opportunities. In his movies, the everyday language rich in jargon is replaced by theatrical and poetic language, while objective discussions intertwine with fantasies.

It is not the first visit of Knut Åsdam to Lithuania. The artist presented his creative works at CAC in 1998 in exhibition „Hans Hamid Rasmussen, Knut Åsdam. Installations“, while last autumn, he organized his solo exhibition at Vartai gallery. One of the movies demonstrated in that exhibition, „Oblique“ (2008), was shot in Lithuania. After graduating from Goldsmiths College in Londone and Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, Knut Åsdam began his successful international career when living and working in New York. The artist‘s works were exhibited in such art institutions as Tate Britain in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, and exposed at greatest international exhibitions, including Venice Biennale or Manifesta, while his movies have been shown at international cinema festivals.

Special Knut Åsdam program at CAC cinema every thursday from 12 a.m. untill 5:10 p.m. 

Nurimk (Come to Your Own)

Be pavadinimo: Šokinėjimas (Untitled: Skipping )

Be pavadinimo: Šlapininmasis (Untitled: Pissing )

Legendinė psichastensija  (Legendary Psychasthenia)

Tuščia erdvė (Hollow Space)

Grupinė praktika (Cluster Praxis)

Pastabos apie geismo išeikvojimą  (Notes Towards a Dissipation of desire)


With thanks to: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Vilnius


Films in the programme
Egress, director Knut Åsdam, Experimental fiction, Norway, 41 min., 2013
Abyss 2005, director Knut Åsdam, Video installation, mixed media/video, surround audio, 6 min, 2005
Blissed, director Knut Åsdam,
Finally, director Knut Åsdam, Fiction, Austria, Norway, 18 min, 2006 m.
Oblique, director Knut Åsdam, Fiction, France, 13 min., 2008 m.
Abyss, director Knut Åsdam, Vaidybinis, Norvegija, 43 min., 2010
Filter City , director Knut Åsdam, Fiction, Norway, 21 min., 2003
Tripoli, director Knut Åsdam, Documentary drama, Norway, United Kingdom, 24 min., 2010 m.
Come To Your Own , director Knut Åsdam, Video performance, Norway, 23 min., 1993
Untitled: Skipping , director Knut Åsdam, Video, 53 min., 1994, UMATIC SP, colour, sound
Untitled: Pissing , director Knut Åsdam, Michael Curran, Video, 30 min., 50-70, 1995second sequences, no sound
Legendary Psychasthenia , director Knut Åsdam, Video, 9’20”, B/W, stereo, only titles, 2001
The Hollow Space , director Knut Åsdam, Video, 3 min., 2001, colour, stereo sound
Cluster Praxis , director Knut Åsdam, Video, 8 min., 2000, colour, stereo sound
Notes Towards a Dissipation of Desire , director Knut Åsdam, Video, 3 min., 2001, colour, stereo sound
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