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Dear visitors,

We invite You to the exhibition 'Head With Many Thoughts' which will be open for visitors until 31th of March.

Please be informed that when visiting the Contemporary Art Centre, you must:
- Wear protective face masks
- Walk in groups of not more than two people (does not apply to family members)
- Keep a two-meter distance from other visitors

People belonging to risk groups are recommend do not visit CAC for the time being.
Due to the limited number of simultaneous visitors, you may have to wait until you can see the exhibition.

We invite you to visit the CAC Sculpture Yard (entrance on the other side of the building). The Reading Room is currently closed.

Have a good time at CAC!
Skirkite 1,2% GPM paramą ŠMC
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Head With Many Thoughts: Video Programme
Performance by Marianna Maruyama. Permissions, a.k.a. Loving with Both Hands
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Art and Education: a Shared Action. A Conversation with Cecilia Guida