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Darius Mikšys “Behind the White Curtain“
On December 2-3, an international conference “Gilles Deleuze’s Philosophy in the Contemporary Political Context” will take place in the reading room of the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius
Thursday 4 November, 12:00: the last lunch excursion to Vilnius' canteens Thursday 4 November, 18:00: public reading of Evaldas Jansas' book „Odė rutinai“ Saturday 6 November, various time: PB8 „Harvest“ environmental sounds Sunday 7 November, 12:00-18:00: free entry to the exhibition
Indrė Klimaitė presents research on Lithuanian and Moldovan canteens
Thursday group trips to Vilnius’ Soviet type canteens are part of an art and research project by Indrė Klimaitė. All trips start at noon at CAC foyer
Welcome to the new series of events at the CAC Reading Room - meetings with architects.
On Monday 20 September, 6 pm at the CAC Reading Room
Reenactment of the complete history of Obdurance Art, from 1860 till the present, in 30 minutes
To find out more about the exhibition we invite you to attend a tour with Evaldas Stankevičius.
Guided tour with artists and curators of the 14th Vilnius Painting Triennial
'Let There Be Night!' at the CAC
2010. VI. 4
The philosophy and aesthetics of sneezing through the history of cinema, including the first ever copyrighted film, Harpo Marx’s only onscreen line, and many more.
Lecturer: Ruta Leitanaite, International jury member of the Latvian architecture awards, and Creative director of the Architects Association of Lithuania
Kazys Varnelis will introduce projects, implemented by Network Architecture Lab at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.
The Contemporary Art Centre kindly invites you to the lecture 'An Aggregate Body' by the Berlin-based architect group AFF Architekten, internationally noted for their experimental approach to architectural design.
2010.IV.23 - V.01
European Humanities University and the CAC present a series of public lectures by distinguished scholars in Visual and Cultural Studies: J. Elkins, L. Manovich, S. Lash and J. Wolff
Curator and writer Johan Lundh will talk about his recent project, “Learning from Vancouver”. The main subject of the project was mediatisation of cities in general and Vancouver in particular, and the role played by model cities in the global context.
In post-industrial cities culture is associated with the new urban ‘business’. The services of this area can be exemplified by prestigious festivals, biennials, large sports events, etc., that aim to promote the cosmopolitan image of the place and appeal to international investors and tourists. The
A two-part programme of film, video, slides, talks, premières, readings, questions and answers.
What is the soul or the voice in relation to moving parts? Is it unnameable? When is it unconscious and conscious?
Join artist Deimantas Narkevičius for a talk about his latest work "Into the Unknown" (2009) included in the exhibition "Building Memory".
Join curator Simon Rees for the first of a series of Friday evening talks by contributing curators and artists about the exhibition Building Memory.
The CAC continues the series of events called '3 Uses of the Knife' (co-organised in 2009 with and the National Gallery of Art) and invite you to the meetings with Maria Fusco and Raimundas Malašauskas at the CAC Reading Room.
Thursday 7 January at 7 pm, CAC Reading Room. Screening of Kristina Inčiūraitė's films. Introduction by philosopher Audronė Žukauskaitė.

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Call for Creatives
Menininkų kalendoriai 2021
Lithuanian visual arts showcase
Robertas Narkus chosen to represent Lithuania at the 59th Venice Art Biennale
Virtuali paskaita apie menininko Michaelio Rakowitzo istorinius ir politinius kūrybos kontekstus
A retrospective of Valdas Ozarinskas (1961–2014) opens in France