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David Carrier. Marcel, Metaphor, and Metamorphosis: The Studio Visit in “À la recherche du temps perdu”
18.00 Wednesday 4 April
Marcel Proust‘s In Search of Lost Time includes a studio visit with his imaginary Impressionist Elstir. What does Elstir‘s great seascape look like? Answering that question tells us a great deal about Proust‘s novel. We learn about the relationship between visual art and erotic desire. And examining Proust‘s theory of art provides a perspective on the uses of visual metaphor in the abstract paintings of Sean Scully.

David Carrier, a former professor of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, has been Humanities Center Lecturer and Fellow in Philosophy, Princeton University; a Getty Scholar; a Clark Institute for Art Fellow; and a senior fellow at the National Humanities Center. He has lectured in China, Europe, India, North America, and the South Pacific. His books include: Art writing; Principles of Art History Writing (which has been translated into Chinese); Poussin‘s Paintings: A Study in Art-Historical Methodology; The Aesthete in the City: The Philosophy and Practice of American Abstract Painting in the 1980s ; an edition in Italian of Poussin’s letters; High Art. Charles Baudelaire and the Origins of Modernism; England and its Aesthetes: Biography and Taste; Garner Tullis. The Life of Collaboration; The Aesthetics of the Comic Strip; Rosalind Krauss and American Philosophical Art Criticism: from Formalism to beyond Postmodernism; Writing About Visual Art; Sean Scully; and Art and Its Metamorphoses: Museum Skepticism (2006). His A World Art History is forthcoming. He is writing a book Proust/Warhol: Analytic Philosophy of Art. Carrier’s art criticism has been published by many journals, including artUS, Artforum and the Burlington Magazine.

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David Carrier’s visit to Europe has been made in collaboration with KUVA: Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
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