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Vilnius Pavilion

Julija Fomina

Artists presented in the catalogue:
Liudvikas Buklys, Antanas Gerlikas, Gintaras Didžiapetris, Mark Geffriaud, Laura Kaminskaitė, Juozas Laivys, Nicholas Matranga, Mindaugas Navakas, Elena Narbutaitė, Deimantas Narkevičius, Marija Olšauskiatė, Coro Collective

Julija Fomina, Inesa Pavlovskaitė

Lina Ozerkina

In Russian and English, 40 pages, full-colour images.
ISBN: 978-9986-957-56-0
Published by Contemporary Art Centre, 2013.

Published on occasion of a group exhibition organised by the CAC and National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow.