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SAVE THE DATE 15th Baltic Triennial: Prologue

On Saturday, 26 August 2023, the 15th edition of the Baltic Triennial will host a one-day prologue comprising performances, film screenings, sonic contributions, and photographic and textual inserts at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre (Gediminas Av. 4, Vilnius). The participating artists and schedule will be announced later this month. The main programme of the fifteenth edition will take place in mid-2024 in the reopened main building of the CAC.

Image description:
Death, circa 1970s, silver gelatin print attributed to Elia Lekodimitri under the pseudonym Emerson. The photograph was found in the archive of Greek photographer and writer George Tourkovasilis. In 1984, Tourkovasilis published The Rock Diaries, an oral history of the rock, punk, disco, and new wave subcultures in Athens. In a chapter titled Elia as Emerson, he introduces Emerson as a young poet whom he met only a few times in a cafe. Emerson makes an unexpected reappearance in Tourkovasilis’ archive. Dozens of portraits depicting him at different ages, with different hairstyles, at day and night, in the US and in Greece are scattered across it. The archive includes letters addressed to Emerson and poems dedicated to him. There are also photographs taken by Emerson himself, stamped with his given name Elia Lekodimitri on their back, and some with notes mentioning Tourkovasilis having developed and hand printed them. Like most of Tourkovasilis’ more personal photographs, this material by Emerson does not appear to have ever been exhibited or published. Photograph: Courtesy of The George Tourkovasilis Estate.