Erik Thys. Portraits

The reputation of Erik Thys (b. 1961) rests on his work as a psychiatrist, not as an artist. Thys lives in Brussels where he composes music, draws, and practices in two psychiatric hospitals. On the occasion of this book, Thys invited a colleague, the British psychoanalyst Darian Leader, to reflect on his infatuation with automobiles. The drawings in this book are a small, almost pitiful, portion of the number Erik Thys provided. They came to us on all types of office paper, prescription pads, and whatever else was at hand.

– Anthony Huberman, Scott Ponik, Robert Snowden


Vienas iš XII Baltijos trienalės leidinių.


Sudarytojai: Anthony Huberman, Scott Ponik, Robert Snowden

Teksto autorius: Darian Leader

Dizainas: Scott Ponik

Išleido: Šiuolaikinio meno centras, Vilnius; „Kim?“ šiuolaikinio meno centras, Ryga


ISBN 978-9986-957-70-6

Kalba: anglų

272 psl.

Minkšti viršeliai, 30 x 21 cm

Nespalvotos iliustracijos


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