Contemporary Art Centre education programme in September and October

Contemporary Art Centre starts a new exhibition season and is inviting children and young people to exhibition tours and creative workshops thatwill reflect on the themes of three upcoming exhibitions such as time and history, national and personal identities, and the changing relationships between technology and humans.

The duration of the exhibition tour is between 60 to 90min.

Waiting for Another Coming


During the exhibition tour, we will learn how to study artworks, will talk about a variety of identities and ways to coexist and be creative together, despite our differences. In the second part of the exhibition tour, participants will be invited to take part in a creative task where we will become part of the exhibition and move away from our position as the spectator.

For more information about the exhibition, click here.

Simon Dybbroe Møller. The Middle Ages


During this exhibition tour, we will immerse ourselves in the rich visual language and will get acquainted with the images and archetypes used by the exhibited artist. We will try to catch up with the mannequins running and moving in the exhibition and watch video films screening on a truck. In the second half of the activity, we will analyse characters found in the exhibition and will weave in our own stories.

For more information about the exhibition, click here. 

Diogo Evangelista. Spinning Wheel


During this workshop, based on the exhibition, we will examine how the changing way of life, permeated by increasingly complex technologies, changes the perception of the fundamental categories of life – the flow of time, inevitable death and the nature of existence. We will look at the exhibited sculptural installations that cross the line between the perception of the human body and what we tend to view as a mechanical device – a moving but inanimate object. 

While experiencing this immersive exhibition, we will attempt to better understand ourselves and our environment’s ever-changing forms and dive into the survival story told by the artist. Later in the workshop, we will shift our perception of the space and objects at the CAC Sculpture Yard. Finally, we will observe the never-ending digital sunset and imagine what the world would be like after its ending and what it could become if it was created anew.

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Groups of young people and students are invited to register for exhibition guided tours and educational activities on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:00 to 17:00. 

Group exhibition tours, events and educational activities are free of charge.

For more ore information and registration to activities write to [email protected].