The CAC building is currently under construction, please follow our programme in other venues.


An Exhibition of Two Sculptures. EMISIJA (EMISSION) 2004: Deimantas Narkevicius

My address is neither house nor a street; my address is a shopping centre. EMISIJA (EMISSION) 2004: Egle Rakauskaite

A K Dolven moving mountain

Olandu biuras. Contemporary Art Projects from the Netherlands

Expat-art Centre / EA C

Slow Rushes: Takes on the documentary sensibility in moving images from around Asia and the Pacific

‘Ten Years of Non-institutional Activity’. Exhibition of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists‘ Association

Bridget Riley. A Print Retrospective 1962 – 2003

Jaan Toomik. Video works

Repudiated Realities. EMISIJA (EMISSION) 2004: Evaldas Jansas

RR: Ruta Remake. EMISIJA (EMISSION) 2004: Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas

Electric Visions. Recent video art of Russia and Nordic countries

Swiss Video Lobby

Roll Over Museum / Live. EMISIJA 2004: Artūras Raila

Vaskici. EMISIJA (EMISSION) 2004: Gintaras Makarevicius

High Culture Unexplored Dream. EMISIJA (EMISSION) 2004: Dainius Liskevicius

Under the White and Red Flag. New Art from Poland

ELEKTRODIENOS: unidentified audio object (at the speed of the mix)

‘(no) leader’. form, design, architecture

Drawing With Smoke. Jonas Gasiunas

Electric Earth. Films and video from Britain

What is Important?